The perfect weapon of seduction for all women is lingerie. The sexy underwear that is worn to feel safer, more sensual and more attractive in the eyes of the person with whom you are. Lingerie is the fine line between simply being interested in desire. There are various types and colors of lingerie, lace, black and red are the masters in this category so vast of sexy clothing but in recent years this universe has expanded considerably. The classic outfits made of panties and bra are no longer just in lace but become in leather to also favor their use in the BDSM sphere. To these are added corsets and corsets that leave the breast uncovered to allow freedom to the nipples or to stimulate it through tassels or nipple clamps. Added to these are babydolls of all sizes, patterns and colors to be sexier in bed, letting the imagination travel through a see-through effect. To these are then added lace bodysuits and jumpsuits and disguises to stimulate the excitement and imagination of your partner. There is also a wide range of BDSM clothing for all Mistresses or for those approaching bondage for the first time. The common point of all the Italian Sexy Shop lingerie is the quality of the fabrics and materials with which it is produced that guarantee not only a perfect ally for achieving arousal but an excellent duration over time so as to give not one but countless nights of passion.

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