Vibrating Ovules

Anyone who said that vibrators must necessarily be long or phallic-shaped to give pleasure is wrong. The evidence to support this thesis comes from the vibrating eggs! Vibrating eggs or eggs are the perfect sex toy for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation. The clitoris we know is in fact only the external part of a gland that extends throughout the internal part of the vaginal wall, the stimulation of which causes intense and prolonged orgasms, also given the proximity to the point G. Vibrating eggs are ideal for this stimulation and for that of the G-spot through a deeper penetration. The vibrating eggs are a perfect sex toy for anyone who wants a toy with excellent performance but with an elegant and innovative design.

Try our Lòvetto line free of phthalates and toxic substances made of medical silicone for a pleasure of the highest quality.

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