Vibrating eggs

For all those who are not attracted to the oblong shapes of the various vibrators but who do not want to give up the pleasure that derives from it, vibrating eggs are ideal. With a nice shape and bright colors, the eggs are the fusion of technological innovation and pleasure. These vibrators are therefore not only a solitary pleasure but can also be used in pairs. The remotely controlled remote control gives you crazy and one-of-a-kind experiences and helps spice up even long-distance relationships. Just bring it close to the clitoris or insert it into the vagina and give the remote control to your partner for immense pleasure. Calling it an egg, a vibrator or a couple game doesn't change, this little device is perfect for personal and couple pleasure. Try those of our Lòvettò line, and we assure you screaming orgasms with a beautiful and high quality product. All the eggs are produced with the highest quality medical grade materials. Just try them and then you won't be able to do without them anymore.

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