Vaginal Spheres

The vagina is a very elastic organ, it tends to enlarge both during sexual intercourse and during childbirth (in this case about 200%), always returning to its real size when the stimuli cease. To make this happen more easily and quickly there are pelvic floor exercises called Kegel exercises in honor of the doctor who introduced them for the first time. These exercises consist of voluntary contractions of the pelvic floor, repeated in series, which tone the muscles of the vagina that support the urinary tract and the rectum. In addition to toning, these exercises serve to improve the elasticity of the vaginal muscles, whose failure can occur for various causes such as childbirth but also obesity and pregnancy. A further advantage of these exercises is that they help to improve the perception of female pleasure and facilitate the achievement of orgasm, becoming very useful as a cure for anorgasmia. These exercises can be done more easily thanks to the use of vaginal balls.

The Vaginal Balls

The perfect representation of combining useful with pleasure can certainly be traced back to vaginal balls, also called Kegel Balls or Geisha balls. They are made up of two balls held together by a wire, they can be vibrant or simple and are suitable for multiple uses. Before being a sex toy, these balls are very useful for during pregnancy and in the postpartum phase for the well-being of the pelvic floor and for the aforementioned Kegel exercises. During pregnancy, these can help stimulate the pelvic floor and control it to promote a successful delivery. In the post-partum phase, however, these spheres help regain the elasticity of the pelvic floor. The vaginal spheres, however, are not attributable only to the medical sphere through Kegel exercises. They are in fact one of the most popular and appreciated sex toys by all women. As with the whole sphere of BDSM, the vaginal balls have been made famous by the saga of 50 shades in which the protagonist wears them for an event to encourage her and her partner's arousal. They must be placed in the vagina and held in order not to drop them until they reach pleasure. And if the spheres are vibrating even better. Using the supplied remote control you can choose between various vibration modes that allow intense pleasure both in relation to exercises and alone. The vaginal balls of Italian Sexy Shop are produced with the highest quality materials that therefore combine pleasure with the safety of medical grade materials

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