Tail Plug

Anal plugs are a very original and beautiful sex toy to look at. Their crystal in fact comes out of the sphincter and shows itself with its colors and shapes. However, there is another category of plug suitable not only for anal dilation but also for disguises and the realization of hidden and hidden fantasies; we are talking about tail plugs. This category includes anal plugs that end not with a crystal but with a hairy extension in the shape of a fox or rabbit tail. As well as those in steel, once inserted these plugs remain in place without moving, thus allowing them to be used as disguises for spicy evenings or to try to go around the house in order to facilitate and accelerate the dilation or even you can leave it during sexual intercourse. to experience double pleasure. Tail plugs are available in both medical silicone and steel and, like their counterparts, come in three sizes to ensure gradual dilation and easy, painless penetration.

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