One of the most popular practices for women is certainly oral sex. Cunnilingus (female oral sex) consists of clitoral stimulation with the tongue, leaving the hands free to move and penetrate one's partner. The problem is that not all men appreciate it, what then? Simple, using sex toys. There is a category of sex toys created specifically for cunnilingus, the clitoris suckers. These are devices that mimic cunnilingus through their various and gradual sucking modes for intense and lasting pleasure, even better if equipped with bristles to intensify stimulation. The clitoral suckers are devices loved by all women especially when they are combined with another sex toy to intensify the pleasure even more. We are talking about "Inspiration" and "Caribbean Shine". The first consists of a vibrating egg combined with a clitoral sucker in order to obtain a double stimulation or to be used in pairs, together or remotely thanks to the app and the remote control. The second is the most innovative of the Rabbit vibrators. However, the extremity linked to clitoral stimulation is replaced by the clitoral sucker to intensify masturbation and the resulting orgasm. All the clitoral suckers on Italian Sexy Shop are made with the highest quality medical grade materials that meet all needs, from qualitative to passionate ones.

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