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Sex toys of all types, colorful, sophisticated, bizarre and fun, without the need to name pocket ones, to always carry with you! Sex toys are now part of the everyday life of many people, who claim they can not do without them! A large number of celebrities have also recently helped to clear their use. We need only think of David Beckam who gave a platinum vibrator studded with diamonds to the beautiful Victoria, on the occasion of her last pregnancy. Not just any vibrator of course, but the most expensive vibrator in the world or what we could define as a real jewel entirely in platinum and with the base studded with diamonds, for a value of almost two million dollars! In order not to miss anything, David then combined the vibrator with a 16-carat diamond necklace. Lady Gaga said she had too many commitments to be able to embark on a stable relationship and that therefore her vibrator replaced the presence of a man in her bedroom. Like her many women nowadays do not feel the need to have a long lasting relationship and for this reason we think we have to give up sexual pleasure, Lady Gaga therefore teaches us that this is not the case! It is now well known that Beyoncè and Jay-Z are great lovers of sex toys in general, coming to exchange them as Christmas gifts, including a vibrator made entirely of gold.

To be used alone or in pairs sex toys are versatile and fun objects that nobody should be afraid of or embarrassed about, there is nothing wrong with pursuing your own sexual well-being! In addition, according to several medical studies, the use of vibrators, dildos and annexes is linked to the health of an individual as a whole. When we hear about sex toys our mind immediately travels in the sphere of vibrators but the reality is that there are many different types of sex toys to adapt to the tastes of all people and all genders, in fact in 1998 the "Fleshlight" was patented. first masturbator for men, or a fake vagina of which millions of pieces have been sold to the present day. Do not forget also the now very famous "Geisha balls" which find their origin in China and Japan in 500d.C. about. Tool widely appreciated by women in all age groups because if accompanied by certain exercises they serve to strengthen the muscles of the vagina and intensify orgasms, in particular they can be of great help to overcome postpartum vaginal relaxation.

In short, now everyone really uses sex toys every day or have tried at least one; classic or high-tech, colorful or realistic you just have to choose the one that best suits you and buy it from the wide range of sex toys produced with certified non-toxic materials (they do not contain phthalates and are medical grade) proposed by Italian Sexy Shop !

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