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Sex, in addition to being a manifestation of affection, is also a perfect relief valve from the stress of everyday life. According to some studies, sexual pleasure, regardless of how it is achieved (whether through classic intercourse or through masturbation or fellatio), has numerous benefits from both a physical and psychological point of view. Today, the best allies for achieving orgasm are sex toys.

Sex Toys for everyone

Sex toys have finally stopped being a taboo subject and have entered the daily life of many people who declare that they can no longer do without them. Just think of stars of the caliber of David Beckham who gave his wife, the beautiful Victoria, the most beautiful and expensive sex toy in the world: a platinum vibrator encrusted with diamonds (paired with a beautiful 16-carat diamond necklace) to celebrate her last pregnancy. Or even Lady Gaga, the queen of American pop who has declared that she is too busy for a stable relationship and who therefore considers her vibrator like a man; or Beyoncé who, together with her husband Jay-Z, is a great lover of sex toys, so much so that she gives them to her partner on several occasions. Of all shapes, colors and sizes, sex toys are perfect for any age, gender or sexual orientation. These pleasure toys are suitable for every use, in fact they can be used both alone and with a partner. They can also be used at any time and in any place thanks to the small size (or even pocket size) of some of them. The sex toys are also perfect to give as gifts. Give a sex toy to a friend or partner, perhaps accompanied by a lubricant and you will have finally solved the dilemma of the perfect gift! Sex toys can be divided into three categories: sex toys for men, for women and for couples. There are all kinds of them: colorful, sophisticated or bizarre and fun.

The diffusion of Sex Toys

Since the last century, the use of sex toys has been increasing dramatically. All this is primarily due to the new types of smaller and more versatile dimensions (such as vibrating underwear) that allow transport and discretion in use, also achieved thanks to the silent vibration, a feature now common to all sex toys. . Another factor that has contributed to the spread of sex toys and the consequent increase in use is the birth of a new mentality regarding sex and sexuality. In the sexual sphere there has always been a clear distinction between male and female sexuality. The first has always been normalized and explored, from masturbation to the actual sexual act, men have always had a clear understanding of their position in the sexual sphere. The biggest change in this area comes in 1998 when "Flashlight" is patented, the first male masturbator or a silicone device with the realistic features of a vagina of which millions of pieces have been sold and various versions created (mouth, anus ) and combinations (mouth-vagina and mouth-anus). Female sexuality, on the other hand, has always been considered only in relation to procreation. Female pleasure began to be part of the collective imagination only after the feminist struggles of the last century in which the fundamental rights of women were claimed, including that of having control over their own body. Thus begins to be normalized female masturbation and the consequent pleasure that derives from it. Although female sex toys already existed, such as dildos (which date back to prehistoric times) or vibrators (created in 1800s France) or Chinese Geisha balls which toned the muscles of the vagina helping in the postpartum period, their use was surrounded by a aura of fear and embarrassment. Thanks to this phenomenon, however, the sex toys market has expanded considerably, becoming more and more varied and imaginative to meet the growing demands in a constantly evolving society. From the meeting of these two spheres, the male and the female, couple sex toys were born, or erotic toys that can be used to increase pleasure with your partner. These devices range from the simplest vibrators to anal plugs and toys or rings and lubricants for couple pleasure.

Ultimately, sex toys are now part of everyday life and almost everyone uses or has tried one. Precisely for this reason Italian Sex Shop offers an extensive range of sex toys produced with certified and medical grade materials (they do not contain phthalates and are non-toxic). The only flaw is that it is impossible to choose just one.

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