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  • Glass dildo with G-spot stimulator Glass dildo with G-spot stimulator
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    Dildo in tempered glass curved vaginal anal massage...

    Fine and elegant curved glass dildo with reliefs for the stimulation of the vaginal walls. Thanks to the particular curvature it is excellent for stimulation of the G-spot. You can use it in the foreplay, warming or cooling it in search of intense and always different sensations.

    11,91 € 19,90 € -40.15%
  • Anal plug prostate stimulator with vibrator Anal plug prostate stimulator with vibrator
    -5,00 €
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    Butt plug prostatic anal vibrating prostate stimulator...

    With a simple and elegant design, this prostate stimulator has a dual function: erotic stimulation and the prevention of tumors and prostate diseases. Equipped with integrated vibrator with remote control, the plug allows the choice of as many as 7 different vibration modes. Made with high quality materials, it is a fun game for both straight and...

    14,90 € 19,90 € -5,00 €
  • Anal plug prostate stimulator Anal plug prostate stimulator
    -5,00 €
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    Prostate anal plug, prostate stimulator, silicone dildo,...

    Prosthetic stimulator with smooth, rounded lines. This plug has a dual function: that of erotic stimulation and that of prevention against tumors or other types of prostate diseases. Made of soft and high-grade materials, it's easy to use. This anal plug can be used for couple games from both partners and will give you intense moments of pleasure.

    25,00 € 30,00 € -5,00 €
  • Prostate stimulator vibrator, prostatic massage, anal...

    Comfortable and versatile vibrator for prostatic massages, always carry with you. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, this innovative product will be able to simultaneously stimulate the perineal and prostatic areas, thus giving you a feeling of incredible pleasure. It will not only amplify your feelings, but it will allow you to achieve a much more intense...

    10,40 €

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