History of the condom

Sex is known to be one of the most beautiful and rewarding activities that can be practiced. However, if the right precautions are not taken, it becomes a source of stress and anxiety. For this reason, having safe sex has become a categorical imperative for all generations. Having sex safely does not only mean preventing a woman from becoming pregnant but it means preventing sexually transmitted infections and diseases from being transmitted. The greatest ally for safe sex is the condom. Condoms have a thousand-years history, in fact it has been used since the time of the Egyptians who applied a hood on the penis if they practiced sexual acts outside marriage. It was then taken up by the Romans where we see two categories of condoms. The first takes up the Egyptian condom made of skins or entrails of animals expertly treated to avoid odors or diseases, the second instead, a category intended for the richest, consisted of a metal sheath that was placed around the penis to avoid pregnancy and infections, as well as to correct where mother nature was not very generous. From the Middle Ages onwards the condom has been used both in the East and in the West in order to favor birth control but only by the bourgeois and aristocratic class, precisely for this reason the birth rate was always higher relative to the working class rather than to the bourgeois / aristocratic one. During the First World War the first campaigns for the use of condoms were born, aimed mainly at soldiers (then repeated in the Second World War). In 1920, latex was invented and consequently the condom as we know it today.


The condom is the most effective method of contraception and avoids both unwanted pregnancies and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. The use of condoms is in fact recommended in all types of sexual intercourse, whether anal, vaginal or oral (if you are unsure of the partner in question). In fact, sexually transmitted diseases are also contagious orally if there are open wounds in the mouth. It consists of a silicone sheath with a "reservoir" on the tip that serves to contain the sperm after ejaculation. The condom must be applied to the erect penis in its entire length and, before application, it is always necessary to check that there are no holes or signs of erosion. Above all you have to check the expiration date to avoid unwelcome surprises. Condoms exist for all kinds of sizes and needs. For example, we find condoms with fruity flavors to promote pleasure during oral sex or delaying condoms that slow down the male orgasm, making intercourse last longer. It is possible to buy condoms in all pharmacies but online purchases have been increasing dramatically in recent years due to the embarrassment (in cases of purchase in a pharmacy or shop) and the substantial savings on the final price.

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