Point G

The existence of the G-spot was discovered only in 1940 but since then it has been doubted several times, in 2020, for example, a research was carried out to deny the existence of this point, which has always been identified as a point of female pleasure. . Despite the presence of many skeptics, the G-spot exists and works great! It is located at the bottom of the vaginal canal which, if stimulated correctly through penetration or masturbation, leads to vaginal orgasm. However, penetration through intercourse is not always sufficient or "available" for this reason the best allies of female sexuality come into play: sex toys. In fact, there is a wide range of sex toys for the correct and pleasant stimulation of the G-spot and the consequent achievement of vaginal orgasm.These range from the simplest dildos of all sizes present on the site that are perfect for the stimulation of the G-spot we have vibrators longer, with the shape of fingers that allow penetration deep enough to reach the G-spot and stimulate it, through the various modes of vibration and movements, until orgasm is reached and for anyone who does not want to give up clitoral stimulation, together with that of the G-spot, the rabbit vibrators come to the rescue guaranteeing a double stimulation, clitoral and vaginal, followed by screaming orgasms

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