Phallic Rings

"If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it" ..

And if Beyoncè says so then it must absolutely be done! Phallic rings are the perfect sex toys for the couple. They consist of medical silicone or jelly rings which, placed at the base of the erect penis, delay ejaculation and make the erection more turgid and lasting, making intercourse more satisfying for both parties. There are two types of phallic rings

- Classic phallic rings that serve to delay ejaculation and to make the erection more turgid.

- Phallic rings for couple stimulation that combine the medical silicone or jelly ring with a vibrating part for clitoral stimulation.

"Lingus" and "Spartacus" deserve an honorable mention. The first is a vibrating ring with a vibrating tongue that stimulates the clitoris and the base of the penis simultaneously. The second, Spartacus, is a double phallic ring for testicles and penis, equipped with three motors that simultaneously stimulate the clitoris, prostate and vagina.

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