Penis Developers

The most popular and elusive question in the sexual sphere is certainly this: does size matter?

By eliminating political correctness and false answers, we have the truth, which coincides with the most obvious answer. Yes, size matters! Obviously they always count in relation to the use you make and a lot also depends on the person you are with or on your age but, regardless of everything, wouldn't it be nice to have a few centimeters more? How then to overcome this problem and fulfill the desire of most men and women? Nothing could be simpler, through the developers of the penis. These range from the most well-known and widespread penis pumps (electric or manual) that favor both the increase in size and the immediate achievement of an erection to the Gifted.

The Equipped is a medical device of the Italian Sexy Shop brand which, used every day for six months (always with the supervision of the treating doctor) allows the penis to be lengthened by about 30% for a maximum of 20.3 cm. It also allows the correction of the penis curvature and the cure of some dysfunctions related to the urinary tract.

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