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Pack of 144 Romed latex condoms

Pack of 144 Romed latex condoms

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Romed condoms are products of exceptional quality thanks to which you can spend unforgettable hours of pleasure in total safety. Condoms are the safest contraceptive method for sexually transmitted diseases or infections. The technology has allowed us to make great strides in recent years and now the quality of condoms has reached levels once unthinkable. The production chains have also allowed the reduction of costs and today we offer them at a truly exceptional price! Available in 144 pieces, our condoms are lubricated with silicone oil, with a smooth and straight surface and conform to international standards. Pink and equipped with a tank they are made exclusively of pure natural rubber latex of first choice.
The Romed condoms are all electronically controlled in order to guarantee a safe and engaging experience.

As a gift with the purchase of the product will be honored 4 sachets of 5 g. each of the highest quality water based lubricant. The lubricant in question, in fact, is used and distributed in hospitals and medical offices. Highly professional product.

Exclusives for Italy


Producer: Romed (condoms) - Aiesi Hospital service (lubricant)
Product: Male condom lubricated with tank
Material: Pure natural rubber latex
Pink color
Length: 175 ± 10 mm (excluding the tank)
Width: 52 ± 2 mm (measured from 80 ± 5 mm from the edge when it is flat)
Thickness: 0.065 ~ 0.08 mm
Bursting volume: ≥ 18.0 l
Permitted air pressure: = 1 kPa
Condom Weight: 1.40 ~ 1.60 g
Inspection: 100% electronic control
Package: 144 pieces

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Composed of
144 pcs
144 Preservativi Profilattici Secure Sex in lattice controllati elettronicamente
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