BDSM is an imaginative sexual practice that allows you to move away from yourself to enter a different dimension made of pleasure. Entering this world involves abandoning inhibitions and control in order to let yourself go. Precisely for this reason, couples who practice BDSM are freer from the constraints of daily life and live their relationship with greater trust and intimacy. To completely surrender you need the right equipment, starting from covering the face through masks. The masks for BDSM are different, starting from the simplest Venetian masks in faux leather to allow the disguise up to masks that inhibit some senses to amplify others. This is the case of the constricting masks in faux leather with incorporated ball gag and bandages that cover the eyes or the masks that cover the whole face leaving only two holes to allow breathing. The most extreme bondage mask is certainly the dog one which indicates a complete submission, through the implicit comparison between the dog and the submissive.

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