Lubricants and underwear

Lubricants, what are they and why we need`em

Lubricants are used by everyone on a daily basis. There are lubricants for cars, for squeaky windows and doors, for hardware or carpentry tools ...
the lubricant, however, is also an excellent ally for private life, especially for sex. In fact, there is a wide range of sexual lubricants that facilitate both penetration and masturbation, promoting pleasure once applied to the affected area. The first association that is made between lubricant and sex life is related to anal sex. For this type of penetration, excellent lubrication is in fact required as the anal sphincter does not expand easily. In fact, there are anal lubricants that help penetration so that it is painless and full of pleasure. Anal sex, however, is not the only area of ​​the sexual sphere in which lubricant is used. Although the male and female glands secrete fluids that facilitate penetration, the lubricant is also used for vaginal penetration, both in extreme cases of vaginismus or excessive dryness, and when the condom does not have adequate lubrication.

Types of lubricants

Nowadays we can choose from an infinite number of products: there are in fact "flavored ..." lubricants, retardant lubricants, "freshness effect" lubricants and these can be made with both water and silicone based . Finally, there are some that manage to combine business with pleasure: we are talking about the so-called "liquid vibrators". It is a particular type of lubricant which, once applied, creates the sensation of a real vibration on the affected area. The effect can last a few seconds or tens of minutes and is absolutely subjective but what is certain is that this innovative object of pleasure is part of a range of products destined to be increasingly present in every woman's drawer. Whether they are fruity, chocolate or natural, lubricants are excellent allies for sex and those on Italian Sexy Shop only treat products that are certified and manufactured according to European Community standards.

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