Approaching BDSM and bondage is not always easy. The sphere of sexuality that revolves around this practice has always been a taboo and abandoning oneself to it, leading the fantasy to become reality, becomes increasingly difficult. For this reason, there are lighter approaches to bondage, “light” types of constriction that can act as an initiation for practices that are gradually closer to the sphere of BDSM. The most classic examples of this type of approach are: handcuffs, nipple clamps and collars which are sex toys related to the sphere of bondage and BDSM but which allow a lighter exploration of this sphere.


Handcuffs are one of the most used sex toys. Popular both in bondage and in role-playing and disguises, these pleasure toys allow you to immobilize the partner's arms leaving the rest of the body free in movements, obviously without causing bruises and infections (thanks to the very high quality materials they are made of. ). The classic metal handcuffs, used mostly in role-playing games or in disguises as an agent, are flanked by a multitude of handcuffs and constricting sex toys. The simplest are the feathered handcuffs, available in different colors (pink, white and black) which consist of classic handcuffs covered with feathers and plush to increase the stimulation of the wrists and make the constriction sexier, especially when combined with masks or bandages or to the kits of the Lègàmi line. If you want to increase your involvement in the world of bondage, you can think of replacing the classic handcuffs with plush-stuffed faux leather wristbands. This sex toy is perfect to make the constriction more comfortable and soft (thanks to the plush) and above all more elegant thanks to the finishes and the highest quality materials that avoid abrasions on the skin. As with the handcuffs, the cuffs are also available in multiple colors to suit everyone's color preferences as well. In addition to different colors, the cuffs can also be found in different fantasies such as that of a nurse, a very common fantasy among men. As you enter the world of bondage you can find handcuffs and constricting kits more and more articulated. For example, we talk about wristbands to which straps are added to be tied to the door or sets of wristbands and anklets tied together bringing the tied person into a fetal or doggie position. The most complex constricting harnesses and closest to the bondage sphere are certainly the thong with phallic ring and wristbands that holds the wrists and genitals together and constrained together limiting the movements and the bar formed by wristbands and collar that binds the hands next to the shoulders for a total and complete submission.

Nipple Clamps

The breast is one of the female erogenous zones which, with the appropriate stimulation, can lead to orgasm (nipple orgasm). The point that gives the greatest pleasure in stimulation is undoubtedly the nipple. Precisely for this reason, sex toys are born that take care of this area to cause maximum pleasure even without the intervention of the partner. Nipple clamps are the perfect sex toy for all those who appreciate breast stimulation during intercourse or foreplay and for those who want to involve the breasts in bondage and BDSM practices. Nipple clamps are clamps that are applied to the nipples to pinch and stimulate them, causing pleasure in the wearer. The category of nipple clamps ranges from the simplest clamps to those decorated with feathers of multiple colors or to more complex sex toys that add ball gag clamps to clamps or, for men, phallic rings. In short, there is something for all tastes.


The collar is the sex toy that is most appropriate for the Bondage and BDSM sphere. In fact, as it is reiterated in the Netlix "Bonding" series, it is the greatest symbol of submission. Wearing a collar is a sign of profound belonging to one's Mistress. Each collar is in fact equipped with a key that only she owns and that therefore she can open and close at will.

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