For the Couple

When the phase of falling in love and unbridled passion that characterizes the first months (or years) of any relationship ends, we often tend to fall into habit and routine. These in the couple become a double-edged sword: if on the one hand they can be considered a sign of commitment and romance, on the other they can represent the end of passion. The importance of the sexual sphere in a relationship is often underestimated while instead it is one of the decisive aspects to understand whether history has a future or not. To make sex life spicier and never monotonous, you can use the best allies of pleasure: sex toys.

Sex Toys for the couple

Sex toys are not necessarily a solitary pleasure. On the contrary, they are an excellent solution to discover new pleasures with your partner. Perfect for role-playing games, spicy evenings or simply to revive relationships in the bedroom, sex toys play a fundamental role in every couple's life. The most popular and most famous games for this category are certainly all the devices and accessories related to the BDSM sphere, which became popular after the 50 shades trilogy and explored more and more frequently to find pleasure in the control or submission of one of the partners. However, there is a wide range of erotic games that allow you to spice up your sexual life, outside the sphere of bondage and BDSM, not only related to penetration, but also to foreplay.

Types of Sex Toys for the couple

In the sphere of sex toys for couples there are erotic games from the simplest such as scented candles or dice, to real devices suitable for the penetration and stimulation of the erogenous zones of both partners. We can find the classic vibrators and dildos used for foreplay and penetration, or strap-ons, wearable dildos that allow a woman to penetrate her partner (man or woman). Another example comes from devices with remote controls such as "Inspiration" which can be used for the pleasure of couples through a special APP that allows you to control the device without the limit of distance. The vibrating eggs are among the sex toys most sought after by women and couples and in most cases, they too allow remote control via APP or remote controls. Phallic rings also play an important role in couples' sex toys. Simple but effective devices that, placed at the base of the erect penis, make the erection more turgid, the performance more lasting and the orgasm more intense. Very often these rings are equipped with a vibrating part that stimulate the clitoris with each penetration to make intercourse more enjoyable for both partners. This category also includes vibrating rings with tongues that stimulate the clitoris not only through vibration but also by mimicking cunnilingus. There are also aids for sexual positions that facilitate sexual intercourse by making abstruse or difficult to recreate positions feasible and more intense. To better enjoy the experience with our Sex toys, it is strongly recommended to use a water-based lubricant and a sex toy cleaner to sanitize the devices before and after each use.

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