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Speaking of sex toys, our mind irremediably travels towards the sphere of female sexuality and vibrators. In this case, however, the universe of sex toys is infinitely larger and not only embraces female pleasure but also male pleasure through sex toys for men. Male pleasure is mainly linked to masturbation but, unlike the female one which often involves vibrators, dildos or various sex toys, this is never associated with the use of any other means than the hands. However, this association is not entirely truthful as men, like women, also use sex toys to reach orgasm.

Male pleasure

Male arousal and orgasm are much more "blatant" and evident than female counterparts and, unlike women, men have only one type of orgasm: ejaculation. There are three ways of achieving this:

- stimulation of the penis or the classic masturbation
- anal stimulation which can be achieved through the penetration or stimulation of the area adjacent to the anal sphincter
- stimulation of the G-spot

The male G-spot is located in the perineal area or between the prostate and the anus. The stimulation of the area causes longer lasting and turgid erections as well as more intense orgasms.

Each type of stimulation can be associated with a different sex toy to amplify the pleasure and make it more lasting and passionate.

Male Sex Toys

The most famous and used male sex toy is undoubtedly the doll. Alternatively, to simulate sexual intercourse there are various types of male masturbators. The first “Fleshlight” masturbator was patented in 1998 and was shaped like a vagina. Today, other types of masturbators have been added to the classic silicone or medical PVC device (anus, realistic butt and mouth) and even double combinations such as mouth/vagina or mouth/anus that make the masturbation experience even more realistic. Other examples of male sex toys can be the penis ring (also called phallic ring or cock ring) or the sheaths for the penis that favor the lengthening of the same and a more intense orgasm as well as favoring the duration of intercourse in cases of premature ejaculation. As we have seen, ejaculation is not reached only through the stimulation of the penis and for this reason the sphere of male sex toys expands with prostate vibrators, which stimulate the prostate and the area related to the G-spot and anal vibrators for the penetration and anal stimulation.

Penis enlargement devices

Male sex toys are not just toys for sexual pleasure. In fact, penis enlargement devices also belong to this category. To overcome the eternal male problem "does size matter?" devices were born that allow the increase in length and thickness through different techniques of traction or suction: the Dotato and the penis pumps.

Whatever your needs and preferences, Italian Sex Shop reserves for the male public a collection of sex toys ranging from penis rings to masturbators and even more, from penis enlargement devices to pumps for a turgid erection. and lasting. All of our products are made from the highest quality, medical grade materials. Quality and your pleasure are our greatest satisfactions!

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