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The female sexual sphere is very articulated and more complex than the male one. Just think that there are multiple types of orgasm and multiple varieties of stimulations to achieve it. Despite this complexity, the female sexual sphere began to be explored only in the last century following the feminist struggles for the acquisition of fundamental rights and control of one's body. From this second point comes the discovery of female pleasure and the exploration of sexuality in all its forms. This is how female sex toys officially enter the scene that cope with the different types of stimulation and different types of orgasm, satisfying all women regardless of their preferences.

A brief history of sex toys

The most famous sex toys are undoubtedly dildos and vibrators. Although their difference is in some cases minimal (realistic dildos and vibrators differ only in terms of vibration ...) their stories are very different. Dildos make their appearance in the Paleolithic and then arrive in Greece and Rome where the double dildo was invented. As for the vibrator, on the other hand, it saw the light in the late 1700s and was used as a cure for female hysteria, without however causing the patients to reach orgasm. In the last century the vibrator acquires a new role and a new importance becoming a symbol of female emancipation and feminist revolts. In the wake of this success, many other sex toys have been created for female pleasure and to satisfy every type of sexual desire.

The types of female sex toys

To talk about this category we must start with a distinction. There are two types of orgasm: clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm. The first is obtained from the stimulation of the clitoris while the second is obtained through the penetration and stimulation of the G spot. There is also multiple orgasm or a combination of both which in some cases can occur simultaneously. Precisely for this reason, every woman has different needs and from which different types of sex toys are born: toys for the stimulation of the clitoris, for double stimulation and for the stimulation of the G-spot. Of the first category, the most famous and widespread erotic toy is without a doubt the clitoral sucker, an innovative device that, mimicking cunnilingus, gives intense and passionate clitoral orgasms. Another very popular device for clitoral stimulation is the Wand massager, a very discreet vibrator in the shape of a wand that lends itself to stimulation of the clitoris. It is curious to think how the Wand massager, created for the first time by the Hitachi company, was born as a massager for the body but was soon "converted" into one of the most loved and appreciated sex toys by women. For this reason, Hitachi decided to stop making the device, limiting itself only to producing the motor of the massager that today is sold under the name of Magic Wand.

Stimulation of the G-spot and penetration can be achieved through the use of classic dildos and vibrators or through various devices such as vibrating eggs or vaginal balls, better known as kegel balls. For double stimulation, on the other hand, the ideal sex toys are undoubtedly the rabbit vibrators. The most famous in their category, they allow simultaneous penetration and stimulation of the clitoris. For those who do not want to give up intercourse, there are sex machines, devices to which a dildo is added and which mimic penetration and complete sexual intercourse. In the Olympus of female sex toys, the role of "father of the gods" certainly belongs to "Inspiration", a device consisting of a vibrating egg and a clitoral sucker that can be used simultaneously through an Android or iOs APP that makes women happy. and couples especially in cases of long-distance relationships.

Whatever your preference, we want to take care of every woman with high quality products that are free from toxic and dangerous substances such as phthalates. With Italian Sexy Shop every woman finds the confidence to buy what she most desires in the world or simply what intrigues her. Taboos on sex will now be a distant memory, we want you to enjoy and we want to give you immense pleasure in using our sex toys.

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