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  • Vibrating dildo with penis triple anal vaginal...

    Vibrator for men or women, ideal for stimulation of the G spot or prostate massage. Thanks to its curved shape and the two stimulants appendages behind this vibrator will satisfy all sexual fantasies as you want. Made of soft material and with highly realistic finish, will give you the fantastic feelings of pleasure and you can not help it.

    17,89 €
  • Vaginal vibrator anal beads double penetration double...

    Vibrator twice the length of 27 cm, perfect for both anal than vaginal stimulation. For vaginal stimulation vibrator is equipped with a vibrating dildo from phallic very realistic; for anal stimulation instead, to vibrate are balls of the anal orifice whose input is simplified by the first ball in the shape of the glans, which having slightly smaller...

    14,90 €

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