As they say "behind every great man there is a great woman" so behind every night of hot and overwhelming sex there is always a good dose of seduction. Thin line between interest and desire, seduction is saved from the taboos of society of all times and is recognized as one of the most used weapons by women since the dawn of time. Glances, allusions, spoken and unspoken phrases and fleeting touches are almost everything a woman needs to turn a date into a night of sex. Seduction is mainly based on self-confidence and in one's sexuality. To do this, the greatest ally is certainly the underwear, especially if that too exudes eroticism. Sensual dresses for a night of passion through disguises, bodysuits and corsets that stimulate the imagination and excitement. Get away from the everyday version of you and embrace your sexy side thanks to our lingerie and disguise lines to satisfy your most perverse and hidden fantasies of your partner.

Types of lingerie

In the spirit of "the world is beautiful because it is varied", there are various types of lingerie that tease, each in their own way, the libido and excitement of the wearer and above all of those who look at it. Lace and lace, mainly black, red and white, are the masters in this category composed of various garments. To the outfits made of panties, thongs and thongs with matching bra, the classics in the art of seduction, are added much more complex and sensual elements such as suspenders with attached lace stockings, babydolls and petticoats that replace pajamas or create an exciting I see effect or I don't see on the little outfits or on the naked body under them, or corsets that tighten the waist, refining it and making the breasts stand out. This last category of lingerie embraces two types: corsets that cover the breasts and underbust corsets that leave the breasts uncovered. To cover it, nipple covers are often used, tassels that attach to the nipples covering them, made more sexy and elegant with fringes, sequins and lace.

Costumes and sexy clothes

Disguises also belong to the category of lingerie. Stimulate the imagination and unleash your fantasies through the many disguises that you will find on our site and, thanks to which, everyone can turn into a sex bomb through the incarnation, in a sensual version of professions and characters to spend hot nights like the more sensual version of themselves. All disguises, like lingerie, are produced with high quality and hypoallergenic fabrics and guarantee, in addition to the exceptional quality of the goods, their durability over time so as to give not one, but countless hot and sensual nights.

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