Cleaning and Hygiene

Having safe sex has become a categorical imperative for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation and experience. At the basis of sexual education, protection and prevention have many devices in their favor that prevent contagion from sexually transmitted diseases (condoms) and unwanted pregnancies (contraceptive pill and morning after pill). Sexually transmitted diseases are not the only ones that can be passed on during sexual intercourse. There are also numerous infections that can be transmitted during sexual intercourse (which is why it is always recommended to switch from anal to vaginal condoms when penetration varies) mainly due to hygiene. In any type of sexual act, hygiene is very important, especially when it comes to masturbation. In fact, hands are the tool with which we approach everything in the world, so it is not a mystery that we must be particularly careful in using them. Is this also the case with sex toys? OF COURSE! The genitals are a very delicate area of ​​our body, which is why we have to pay a lot of attention to what we use. For many sex toys, such as masturbators, the use of condoms is recommended to avoid bruising (along with washing). For all the others it is recommended, before and after use, with an appropriate Toy Cleaner. The Toy Cleaner by Italian Sexy Shop is an alcohol-free sanitizing and disinfectant spray that must be sprayed and dried with a dry cloth. This, combined with the very high quality of the sex toys on Italian Sexy Shop, will ensure that masturbation has never been so pleasant and safe at the same time!

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