Classic Masturbators

Male and female masturbation have always been treated differently. While the female one is normally associated with the use of sex toys such as dildos or vibrators, the male one is erroneously associated only with the use of the hands. Yet today there is a wide range of male sex toys perfect for masturbation. The most popular is certainly the masturbator. In 1998 "Fleshlight" was patented, the first male masturbator. This consisted of a sheath with the features of a vagina that envelops the penis recreating the sensations of arousal that one feels during penetration. The male masturbator is a very easy sex toy to use. You simply need to lubricate the erect penis (or better still use a condom) and insert it inside the sheath mimicking sexual intercourse. The fame of flashlight meant that the masturbator soon became the male sex toy par excellence known all over the world and appreciated so much that it gave rise to numerous variants. It is no longer a masturbator only with the shapes of a vagina but today we find masturbators with the shape of the anus, mouth or realistic masturbators that faithfully reproduce the features of men and women All masturbators are made of medical silicone or pvc for an intense and high quality pleasure!

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