Chastity Belts

Chastity belts are very used bondage accessories in the sphere of BDSM. These phallic cages are metal devices closed with a padlock that prevent erection, making it painful to achieve. All penis cages have holes that allow you to urinate so they can be kept on for hours or days until your Mistress is released. Chastity belts are very popular in the world of BDSM and in the sadomasochistic universe precisely because of the erotic charge mixed with torture that prevents an erection even under continuous stimulation by one's Mistress. There are various types of phallic cages which vary according to the size, preferences and needs of each one. What these penis cages have in common is that they are made with the highest quality metals that adapt to body temperature easily making the chastity belt easily melt with the individual to allow it to be held on as long as needed without having to use safe words for early releases with respect to the wishes of the Mistress.

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