Assistive products for erotic positions

Sex is not just arousal and pleasure. Sex is exploration, fantasy and it's all that makes life as a couple less monotonous. Precisely for this reason we tend to explore our sexuality in all aspects and try to experiment as many positions as possible to find the one that gives more pleasure. However, when the pursuit of pleasure collides with practicality too often we tend to give up and fall into monotony. To avoid all this there are on Italian Sexy Shop aids for erotic positions or harnesses that allow you to try all positions that seem complicated or uncomfortable. The most famous and widespread are the harnesses for suspended sex which allow the man to hold the woman in suspension without putting pressure on the back, distributing the weight well. The sex swings are instead sex toys that are attached to the wall and allow penetration in different angles and positions that would be complicated to recreate without a support. These swings also allow for forward and backward movement to facilitate penetration and make it deeper and more enjoyable. Finally we have supports for supine positions that allow a deeper penetration by lifting the buttocks of the woman. This category also includes constricting supports relating to the bondage category. Bed kits consisting of wristbands, ropes and anklets that bind the partner to the bed and retractors that also make the missionary position more exciting and imaginative.

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