We are in France, in 1734 and it is here that we see the first hint of a vibrator in history, even if its purpose is different from what we see today. The French vibrator was a tool for the treatment of female hysteria and its use was independent of the achievement of orgasm which, indeed, was absolutely avoided! Fortunately, its use has changed radically over the centuries. In the twentieth century, in conjunction with the feminist struggles, we see a new exploration of the female sexual sphere with a consequent spread like wildfire of the use of vibrators as sex toys. In the 70s during which the vibrator was a real symbol of feminism and female emancipation. In 1998 then we reach the complete normalization with the appearance in the famous show "Sex and the City" of the first rabbit vibrator; from that moment all women would have wanted one, bringing the sales of small objects to the stars! Now the company has evolved and with many taboos cleared through customs, today we can find vibrators of all kinds, shapes and sizes, there is something for all tastes! From the most classic realistic vibrators with realistic features to the fantasy ones with an oblong shape up to the clitoral suckers and pocket vibrators that allow orgasms anywhere and anytime. The most famous and widespread, however, is undoubtedly the rabbit vibrator with its double stimulation.

All the vibrators on our site are also produced with certified and non-toxic materials, do not contain phthalates and are all medical grade. Don't wait any longer, choose the sex toy that best suits your needs from the huge selection of online vibrators offered by Italian Sexy Shop!

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