Anal vibrators

Although still regarded by many as taboo, anal sex is a practice that gives immense pleasure. In fact, as we have seen, the anal perineal area, in both men and women, is rich in nerve endings that respond to stimulation causing intense and lasting orgasms. In men in particular, the perineal-anal area is the site of the L point, which is the male equivalent of the G point. To allow stimulation of the anal area and penetration, there is a wide range of sex toys that can be used both alone and in pairs. A wide range of vibrators are added to the classic dildos (which can also be used for anal penetration) and plugs, which simultaneously allow a simple and pleasant dilation (thanks to the vibration). Although, as for dildos, even the classic, realistic or rabbit vibrators (in addition to prostatic ones) can be used for anal penetration, but always referring to the experience and the degree of dilation. In this range of sex toys, however, the anal vibrators stand out: these vibrators are distinguished from the classic ones for their high search for the best ergonomics and a deliberately delicate and effective movement to guarantee their specific use. They are among the most stimulating and exciting Anal Games, which is why Italian Sexy Shop has designed for you various shapes and sizes that fully satisfy every need.

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