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Although the exploration of both the male and female sexual sphere is gradually normalizing, there are still many taboos associated with it. The biggest and most widespread is certainly anal sex. The perineal-anal area, in women and men, is rich in nerve endings. In particular, men have the L point in the prostatic-anal area, the male equivalent of the G point. However, despite the pleasure that anal stimulation and penetration can derive from it, they find themselves facing opinions in stark contrast to each other. There are those who appreciate and enjoy them in practice and those who tend to avoid them for reasons of hygiene, bigotry or for fear of possible submission. But what puts everyone in common, lovers or not, is the fear of experiencing pain or that this, even if experienced in a small part, exceeds the pleasure. How to avoid this problem? Simple, through Anal Toys.

The Anal Toys

The lack of knowledge and consideration of anal sex are the basis of the fact that the category of sex toys related to it is still in the process of spreading despite its vastness. In the range of anal sex toys, the lubricant represents the most important ally for pleasure. In fact, all toys require good lubrication before use to facilitate penetration. Among the anal games we find together with the classic vibrators and dildos, many sex toys to stimulate the senses and experience maximum enjoyment. The most famous and popular are the Anal Plug, available in different sizes and measures to favor a gradual dilation. Of various colors, shapes and patterns, such as the tail plug, they combine the quality and beauty of the toy with their usefulness. The plugs can then be enriched by vibration, which makes stimulation and penetration even more enjoyable. For men, however, the range of anal play is not limited only to plugs. In fact, there are prostate vibrators that stimulate the prostate area and the L point for a more intense and lasting orgasm.

Anal Games are a practice that is gradually spreading more and more. They help to gain full confidence in the partner and can lead to new sensations of pleasure and orgasms that you never thought you could experience. However, as in every aspect of a couple's life, hygiene is essential. The anus of women is very close to the vagina and the danger of the spread of bacteria is very real, so it is always advisable to change the condom from anal to vaginal sex and vice versa. In addition to changing the condom, it is good practice to consider using sex toys suitable for anal stimulation. Italian Sexy Shop, which has always been at the service of the most transgressive and demanding couples, is happy to present its line dedicated to "AnalMente" Anal Games.

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